The Nutrient Cycle in the resorts of Turku Archipelago (Ravinnekiertoa Saaristomeren matkailukohteissa, SaaRa) –project’s purpose is to execute nutrient cycle in the most environmentally friendly way in the key tourist resorts. The nature of Turku archipelago is unique and vulnerable. The project’s objective is to prevent most of the possible damage from the excess load of nutrients, and reduce environmental impacts to maintain clean environment.

In the project’s pilot resorts in the Turku Archipelago, the aim of SaaRa is to reduce foodwaste by 30%. The pilot project will be implemented in restaurants of four islands, Nauvo, Seili, Örö and Souther Jurmo, in the outer archipelago, all popular tourist attractions.

Additionally composting of the foodwaste is encouraged – especially the utilization of the nutrient rich compost in productized ways. Possible sustainable solutions to recycling biological waste in the most efficient and eco-friendly way are sought in the tourist resorts.

The development objective is to awaken tourists’ and sailors’ attention to the treatment of their own foodwaste, specifically to the challenges foodwaste causes in Archipelago, where the waste disposal is challenged by default and nature is fragile.

The key goals are to:

  1. reduce foodwaste generated in tourist attractions restaurants by 30% from the current amounts
  2. motivate local restaurant service providers to compost all foodwaste generated in their company
  3. productize foodwaste as a tourism product or service
  4. motivate sailors to sort their foodwaste and to make use of composts available at and brought to the pilot harbors

Concrete actions and publicity of the project are used to awaken the liability of local operators – leisure residents, service providers, tourists and sailors, by reducing the amounts of biowaste created and by efficiently recycling recoverable nutrients caused by the tourism in the area.

The outcome of the project will be a replicable operating concept which will serve tourists, sailors and tourism entrepreneurs alike.

The pilot project is implemented in co-operation with Keep the Archipelago Tidy Association (Pidä Saaristo Siistinä ry) and the University of Turku, Brahea Center. Finland’s ministry of the environment is funding the project, and it is one of the Government Key Project.